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Together with the accolades from satisfied travellers, VIDOTOUR has also been recognized as one of Vietnam’s Top 10 Tour Operators by the Vietnam Tourism Association and nominated for the Vietnam Creative Travel Company award.

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Throughout the annals of time, the histories and peoples of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, the present day countries of Indochina, have been intertwined by their shared location on the Indochina Peninsula. More modern history drew them even closer together through the French colonial years and into their struggles for self-determination in the middle of the 20th century.

With their common modern histories, the Indochina countries have developed close relationships to serve travellers. Travel formalities are less onerous than ever before. Transportation infrastructure continues to develop. Accommodation now serves everybody from first-class and 5-Star hotels and resorts, to rustic rural home-stays.

It is no secret that in recent years virus and flu epidemics and the global financial crisis have hit the international travel industry hard. Indochina has also endured calamities of nature over the same period. Yet, through all these trials and tribulations, we have maintained our levels of commitment and focus on delivering the best possible value for truly memorable travel experiences.

Together with the accolades from satisfied travellers, VIDOTOUR has also been recognized as one of Vietnam’s Top 10 Tour Operators by the Vietnam Tourism Association and nominated for the Vietnam Creative Travel Company award.

With operations beginning in May 1990, Vidotour has been part of Indochina and Southeast Asia’s journey from isolated backwaters to exotic travel destinations. Along the way, we have played a significant role in introducing Indochina and Southeast Asia to the world.

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Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi
Moevenpick Hotel Hanoi
InterContinental Hanoi Westlake
Silk Path Hotel Hanoi
Anise Hotel Hanoi
La Belle Vie Hotel
First Eden Hotel
Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra
Raffles Hotel Le Royal
Hotel Cambodiana
Sunway Hotel Phnompenh
Princess Hotel
Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon
Traders Hotel
The Sukhothai Bangkok
Siam@Siam Design Hotel & Spa
Bangkok Cha-Da Hotel




Compared to the rest of Indochina, Laos remained largely hidden to the rest of the world for much for the 20th Century. Visitors today encounter an unfussed society with a strong spiritual tradition where the cacophonies of the modern world seem irrelevant.
Despite increased international interest, Laos remains the undiscovered gem of Asia. This landlocked nation of six million people exudes a delightful, almost other-worldly, charm and reminds visitors of a simpler, less harried past.


The country of Cambodia itself remained a quiet, undisturbed backwater for much of the last century. Now emerging from years of isolation, the country offers a true taste of Southeast Asia before the arrival of mass tourism and rampant commercialisation.

Hanoi: Hanoi is arguably Asia’s most charming capital city. Hanoi, meaning ‘embraced by the river’, is a city of broad, tree-lined boulevards, elegant French villas and colonial-era buildings painted in muted hues of mustard and white. It is also one of Asia’s greenest cities with an abundance of parks and lakes as well as a host of cafes and art galleries and an Old Quarter steeped in history. 
Babe Lake: Ba Be Lake, 250 kilometres north of Hanoi, is Vietnam’s largest naturally occurring lake and is dubbed, ‘the precious jade of Vietnam’. The lake is surrounded by stunning limestone cliffs, beautiful waterfalls, caves and dense evergreen forests which are inhabited by Tay, Dao and Hmong ethnic minorities. Many animals including bears, tigers and one of Vietnam’s rarest and most endangered primates, the Tonkin snub-nosed langur live in a few isolated communities on the fringes of Ba Be park, but nearer the lake there’s a good chance of spotting the more common macaque monkeys, herons and garrulous, colourful flocks of parrots.

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Whether you cruise on the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River, drift over the ancient city of Bagan by hot air balloon or search for the elusive tiger on the back of an elephant, there is always a feeling of adventure. With upgrades to the of transport system and an increase in the number of flights, new and exiting “off-the-beaten-track” destinations are gradually being opened, from mountain trekking and rafting in the far north to world-class diving in the Mergui Archipelago. But all above, Myanmar offers the warmest welcome in Asia.


The Kingdom of Thailand is nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia and is approximately the same size as Spain. Known as a major tourist destination for years, Thailand offers visitors an amazing range of attractions, from pristine beaches to jungle-covered mountains to cosmopolitan nightlife and more.



    VN01 Vietnam Essential ( 7 days / 6 nights )
    VN02 Vietnam North & South ( 7 days / 6 nights )
    VN03 Vietnam Classic ( 11 days / 10 nights )
    VN04 Vietnam Highlights ( 11 days / 10 nights )
    VN05 Vietnam Discovery ( 13 days / 12 nights )
    VN06 Vietnam Explorer ( 13 days / 12 nights )


    VC01 Majestic Angkor ( 4 days / 3 nights )
    VC02 Khmer Legacy ( 3 days / 2 nights )
    VC03 Cambodia Heritage ( 5 days / 4 nights )
    VC04 Essential Cambodia ( 7 days / 6 nights )
    VC05 Cambodia Adventure ( 7 days / 6 nights )
    VC06A Wild Cambodia ( 7 days / 6 nights )
    VC07A Cambodia Revealed ( 8 days / 7 nights )
    VC07B Cambodia Explorer ( 5 days / 4 nights )
    VC08 Cambodia Discovery ( 3 days / 2 nights )
    VC09 Khmer Heritage ( 3 days / 2 nights )
    VC11A Phnom Penh LifeStyle ( 4 days / 3 nights )
    VC11 Phnom Penh Discovery ( 3 days / 2 nights )
    VC10 Khmer Era & New LifeStyle ( 5 days / 4 nights )
    VC12 Enchanting Cambodia ( 6 days / 5 nights )
    VC23 Trip to Battambang ( 2 days / 1 night )
    VC29B Cardmom Mountains Adventure ( 4 days / 3 nights )
    VC29A Phnom Penh – Chambok Community-based Ecotourism at Kirirom National Park ( 2 days / 1 night )
    VC30A Chi Phat Discovery ( 3 days / 2 nights )
    VC30B Hidden Tatai River ( 4 days / 3 nights )
    VC38 Hidden Romantic Beach ( 2 days / 1 night )
    VC41 Sihanoukville Beach ( 4 days / 3 nights )


    VL01 Images of Laos ( 4 days / 3 nights )
    VL02 Magical Luang Prabang ( 3 days / 2 nights )
    VL03 Enchanting Luang Prabang ( 4 days / 3 nights )
    VL04 Plain of Jars ( 5 days / 4 nights )
    VL05 Konglor cave ( 7 days/ 6 nights )
    VL06 Luang Say cruise ( 3 days / 2 nights )
    VL07 Wat Phu cruise ( 3 days / 2 nights )
    VL08 Southern Laos unveiled ( 4 days / 3 nights )
    VL09 Southern Laos Done Daeng ( 3 days / 2 nights )
    VL10 Miracle of the North ( 6 days / 5 nights )
    VL11 Taste of Laos ( 5 days/ 4 nights )


    VM01 Myanmar Experience ( 6 days / 5 nights )
    VM02 Myanmar Discovery ( 7 days / 6 nights )
    VM04 Best Of Myanmar ( 9 days / 8 nights )
    VM11 Glimpse of Yangon ( 3 days / 2 nights )
    VM13 Yangon and The Golden Rock ( 2 days / 1 night )

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